A Better Way To Discover Bhutan

Bhutan is an enticing destination that offers plenty for lovers of culture and scenic beauty. The Kingdom is clean, civilized, and comfortable. Most people speak English. Many well-traveled people go there because they misunderstand prices and somehow believe that entry to Bhutan is available only to a select few. Others believe that Bhutan is only for hikers and that they have to sleep in tents. Neither of these ideas could be further from the truth.

BetterButan, an 18-year-old offering quality private travel programs that make Bhutan easy to experience. They have created a website to help people understand destinations, seasons, festivals, visas, prices, and more. Visiting Bhutan is not as costly as you think. TCB, the government tourist office, has set a minimum cost per night that includes hotels, all meals, sightseeing with private car, driver, and guide, admission costs, and more.

Hiking and trekking are optional and available.However, almost all of our guests prefer soft beds and fluffy towels rather than tents and backpacks.

Since tour companies want to maximize profits, most of them spend as little as possible on hotels and skimp on meals. Some do not use the best available guides or the newest vehicles.

BetterBhutan does not think that their guests should have a mediocre experience and return home with indigestion from the hideous and boring hote buffets that most visitors complain about. They have carefully chosen restaurants that serve delicious, home-style Bhutanese food.

What makes BettetBhutan better is that they have carefully chosen hotels for quality, comfort, and value. Most hotels have profiles on their website that include photos and description. Their prices are only about 6% higher than the government-set minimum prices so that they can offer a far better experience. Some of their hotels have a surcharge of $20 to $40 per night and are well worth the supplement. Luxury hotels are also available. Since it is a private tour, you get to choose your own hotels.

Our guides are hand-picked for knowledge and people skills. Better Bhutan arranges for your visa and reserves your air transportation so that all you have to do is go to the airport..

Better Bhutan is an 18-year old-boutique tour company that offers private, tour programs in Bhutan and eight other Asian countries. Because their standards for service and their committment to the quality experiences of their guests, about one third of their customers have traveled with them multiple times.

To read what BetterBhutan has to offer, visit http://www.betterbhutan.com

What Can Be Done In Case You Still Desire a Relationship with Your Ex

Romantic relationships have got their fluctuations. It’s to be predicted that stuff won’t continually be ideal. To consider anything else is actually impracticable. You will see times when one of you choose to express farewell to another. In the event the partnership is robust enough, those days will be rare. Typically the warning signs commence … Continue reading “What Can Be Done In Case You Still Desire a Relationship with Your Ex”

Romantic relationships have got their fluctuations. It’s to be predicted that stuff won’t continually be ideal. To consider anything else is actually impracticable. You will see times when one of you choose to express farewell to another. In the event the partnership is robust enough, those days will be rare. Typically the warning signs commence in the event the times when you both want to refer to it as quits surpass the periods when you do not. In case struggling along with arguing are taking center stage, then your romantic relationship is not healthy. If the emotions associated with negative opinions outweigh the beneficial, it might be time for you to go your independent ways. It is obvious in which nobody should stay in an unfit relationship.

It is sometimes complicated whenever a couple concludes their particular romance. It’s natural for just one or you both to question precisely what had gone completely wrong. It’s common in order to question when you could get back together again and even make the relationship work the next time. You miss your ex boyfriend and start to ponder how to get my ex back. The last thing you should do is usually to yearn for a ruined relationship every day. You feel you want to do everything you can to get my ex boyfriend back. In a needy measure you are taking a how to get my ex boyfriend back quiz. When the outcomes of the examination are generally favorable, then you definitely sense warranted for pursuing your time and efforts in order to get back the actual love to your lost romantic relationship.

If you’re starting a quest of getting together with your ex, it’s crucial that you do not forget that if you’ve thought vulnerable or perhaps taken advantage of that it’s advisable to abandon the relationship alone. Sometimes it is easier to just go your own distinct ways. Nonetheless, if your outcome of the get my ex back quiz simply leaves you to feel that both of you could cause it to work, then by all means do what you are able so it can gain one more chance. It could be the pair of you merely needed a bit of time apart to appreciate exactly how crucial you are to one another. Regardless if you recover your relationship, you’ll know that you simply started in on it which enable it to go forward with your life.

Bora Bora – Travel to the World’s Most Beautiful Island

Bora Bora is an island of French Polynesia in the South Pacific, under the purview of France. The claim in the title of being the world’s most beautiful was made by the late novelist James Michener. Although Michener’s view was before developers put their stamp of commercial clutter on the island, Bora Bora’s natural beauty remains intact.

Bora Bora is packed with super luxurious options for accommodations. Several of the world’s finest hotel brands are well represented, led by Four Seasons and its Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora. Opened in 2008, the resort is akin to paradise according to its guests. InterContinental, St. Regis, Hilton, Le Meridien and Sofitel operate premier properties, as do independent hoteliers.

Bora Bora’s round-island road is less than 20 miles long so many visitors travel the length of the road by bicycle, scooter or car. The best place for departure is the wharf in Vaitape on the west coast, the island’s main town. Along the way, spectacular views of Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu, Bora Bora’s two extinct volcanoes, emerge. An option for seeing more of Bora Bora is taking a guided sightseeing tour. Otemanu Tours, conducted in an open-air le truck, expose tourists to additional sights not visible from the road.

Bora Bora’s allure is enhanced by a breathtakingly-colorful lagoon, whose turquoise-blue turns a variety of shades throughout the day, and by the barrier reef that protects it. Part and parcel with the island’s beauty are the activities that the water around it make possible. For people seeking a beach, Matira Beach with its secluded shores, at the island’s south end, is a dazzling one.

Scuba diving in Bora Bora is just about everywhere. The major resorts all offer an opportunity to get close to numerous species of tropical fish, colorful sea crustaceans and brilliant corals. The manta rays are the stars of the show. The island’s largest diving centers are TOPdive Bora Bora, Blue Nui Dive Center, DiveEasy and Bora Diving Center.

Moana Adventure Tours offers multiple options for fun on the island’s emerald lagoon. Reef Discovery affords customers a chance to snorkel in the preserved coral gardens of the lagoon. Teremoana Tours provides outrigger canoes for a ride around the lagoon, including a shark feeding demonstration. And at the Lagoonarium, visitors can actually swim with the sharks…as well as the manta rays, turtles, dolphins and tropical fishes.

Complementing its first-class hotels, this paradise has a plethora of fine restaurants. La Villa Mahana in Povai Bay on the island’s southeast side is thought by many to be the best, with its fabulous French food, wine and romantic ambience. Kaina Hut north of Taititi Point near the south end wins accolades as the island’s best choice for seafood. Bora Bora offers an additional array of excellent restaurant options serving French and other cuisines.

Create Unforgettable Trips with Moyage

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Exploring and spending your time in new places are becoming so much fun and very practical with www.moyage.com

The Hawaiian Islands – Great Travel Destinations

The warm waters refresh you; the breathtaking beauty renews you. Welcome to the Hawaiian Islands. The Hawaiian Islands are located near the center of the northern Pacific Ocean. Because of its location, Hawaii is strongly influenced by the culture of Asia and North American. Hawaii has eight main islands including Kahoolawe, Niihau, Molokai and Lanai while the most popular islands are Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii. For the visitor considering a vacation, there is no place like Hawaii. Whether you’re a new or returning visitor, the Hawaiian Islands offer their own unique experiences.

The island of Hawaii or the Big Island is the largest and most eastern of all the islands. This is a volcanic island and it is home to Mauna Kea the worlds tallest mountain. At 33,000 feet from its sea base, it is taller than Mount Everest’s 29,029 feet. Some popular attractions there include Akaka Falls, East Hawaii Cultural Center and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Kauai or “The Garden Isle,” is the oldest and the fourth largest among the main islands Some popular attractions include:The Alakai Wilderness Preserve & Allerton Garden, which is an eighty acre Botanical Garden. One interesting attraction found there is the Makauwahi Cave, the largest limestone cave in the Hawaiians. Located on the southern coast of Kauai, this is important for its archaeological findings.

The island of Oahu or “The Gathering Place,” is the third largest of the islands and the most populous of the Hawaiian islands. Some popular attractions include the Aloha Tower, which is a lighthouse and is considered an important landmark of the state of Hawaii. Another popular attraction is the Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa. This is a beach-side resort and vacation destination that is part of the Disney Vacation Club, This resort opened for business on August 29, 2011. One last attraction I would like to mention is The Bishop Museum.This is a museum of history & science that was founded in 1889. It is the largest museum in Hawaii and is home to the world’s largest collection of Polynesian cultural & scientific artifacts.

Travel To the Incredible Island: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is prominent for its natural paradise and rich heritage since time immemorial. The spellbinding charm of the island has always bewitched travelers. I remember when I went to this exotic destination for the first time it was the tranquil splendor of the beaches that swept me off my feet. Every beautiful destination on this island, which is naturally made, has some magnetizing effect that attracts the travelers. Therefore, people are often quoted saying that Sri Lanka, the teardrop island is mystically mesmerizing. Even the geographical setting makes it one of the most distinctive islands of the world. The shape of this exotic island is that of a drop. The Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait affirms to be the line of severance for Sri Lanka and the Indian subcontinent. This line of separation gives an illusion that Sri Lanka is a drop of land which is falling from India into the Indian Ocean. In my case, this unique setting intrigued me the most and instantly made the decision to visit this glorious island.

The mesmerizing charm of Sri Lanka is beyond verbal description. The article is, therefore, a futile attempt to describe its incredible features. To let you understand its magnificence, I am writing about the places which one should explore during their vacations in Sri Lanka. The best way is to travel to Sri Lanka, uncover its features and discover the island in your own idiosyncratic ways. For those who are a bit hesitant to try it out single handedly, we are here. The morning here brings light and makes it travel through the glorious mountains which then touch the pristine beaches. The beaches drench themselves in the divine light and glistens like an untouched jewel. So start your excursion with the first ray of the sun and explore some wondrous vistas which have the capacity to magnetize one’s soul.

Sri Lanka, apart from the wonders of nature, is famous for the vibrant culture of its cities. Colombo is one such destination which affirms to be the national capital of the island. It is the commercial capital also which makes it the busiest city of the island. You can overlook its vibrant culture if you are a nature lover like me and focus on the breathtaking view of tranquil waters of the Indian Ocean with its fascinating beaches. The next destination is Bentota which is prominent for bestowing luxury holidays in the most tranquil ambiance of the island. The city apart from a significant historical background comprises majestic landscapes. For adventure travelers, Hikkaduwa’s coral reefs off the shore will prove to be the most invigorating. Ratnapura is popular for it eternal waterfalls and Adam’s peak is the landmark of the island with being an oasis of tranquility.

Turks and Caicos Travel – Essential Information for This Caribbean Xanadu

Warm, white beaches; warm, clear waters in a dozen shades of turquoise; and a balmy breeze all characterize the paradise that is the Turks and Caicos Islands. With direct flights from many U.S. cities, this Caribbean gem promises the vacation of a lifetime.

If you’re planning Turks and Caicos travel in the coming months, be sure to take advantage of these insider’s tips, traveling guidelines, and other essential information as you plan to visit Heaven-on-Earth.

Airports and Airlines

The Turks and Caicos Islands offer three airports with international service on Grand Turk, Providenciales, and South Caicos. Providenciales International Airport is the most popular, receiving the majority of international flights and visitors.

You have a number of airline options, including American Airlines, Bahamas Air, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Spirit Air, and US Airways. All operate flights into and out of the islands. To travel to other Caribbean destinations from Turks and Caicos, however, you must first lay over in Florida-most often, Miami.

Customs and Immigration

The islands require all U.S. visitors to bring a valid passport. If you’re from Canada, an original or notarized copy of your birth certificate and a photo I.D are sufficient to gain entry. You visit may extend your visit to 30 days with a one-time-only renewal. All visitors to the island must present evidence of a round-trip ticket.

Most visitors, including those from the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom, don’t need a visa, but some other international visitors are required to obtain visas. Be sure to double-check your country’s requirements and to give yourself plenty of time to obtain any mandatory documentation.

For more specific questions on immigration and visiting guidelines, you may contact the Turks and Caicos Immigration Department directly by phone at (649) 946-4233 or by fax at (649) 941-5696.

Customs in Turks and Caicos permits typical tourist items, such as cameras, sports equipment like fishing rods, golf clubs, and tennis rackets, and even certain types of food. Pornography and controlled drugs are illegal, and visitors may only bring firearms with the written consent of the Commissioner of Police.


All the resorts and hotels on the islands will welcome you with arms wide open, and some will charge you an arm and a leg for their world-class amenities and services. The islands offer a wide spectrum of accommodations for every taste and budget.

One excellent resource for researching different hotels and resorts is TripAdvisor. Guests leave feedback about their experiences and give the properties a star rating. TripAdvisor also offers ratings for Bed-and-Breakfasts.


The average year-round temperature in Turks and Caicos is 77 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. The islands’ average annual rainfall amounts to only 21″.

With a mostly sunny climate, be sure to bring extra sunscreen, a hat, and a long-sleeved shirt or two for additional sunblock.

Pack mostly leisure clothing. The islands’ dress code is decidedly casual, though a few of the nicer restaurants do require close-toed shoes and a collared shirt. Foodies should bring a decent set of clothes, just in case. Bathing suits worn away from the beach or pool are generally frowned upon.


The official currency of the islands is the U.S. Dollar, and the islands impose no restrictions on the amount of money brought to the island.

Traveler’s checks are accepted on the island, though some businesses may charge a 5% transaction fee for traveler’s checks.

Credit Cards are generally accepted

In tourist hot spots such as Providenciales and Grand Turk, you’ll have no problem using your credit card. Remember to alert your credit card company about international transaction to avoid having your card “frozen,” and if you plan on visiting some of the less travelled islands, keep a stash of cash.

At restaurants, a 15% tip is customary, the same as in the U.S. Don’t be surprised, however, if some restaurants include a 10% service charge in the bill. Tipping personal services and taxis is also a generally accepted practice.


All pets brought to island require a certification of rabies vaccination. Be prepared for a public health inspector to examine your pet upon arrival. Double-check with your hotel to ensure that it-and its staff-welcomes pets.

Although planning an international trip always presents a few challenges, the 12 miles of Grace Bay Beach offer ample reward for Turks and Caicos travel. The hardest part will be leaving.

Swimming With the Fish During Caribbean Travel

Caribbean travel throws up plenty of fabulous opportunities for all kind of water activities including scuba diving. Where else can you have the most fun scuba diving than in the Caribbean? There are so many different islands located in the Caribbean where you can dive into the most beautiful waters in the world and experience some of the beauty of tropical fish and other sea creatures under the sea.

If you have a yen for scuba diving, whether you are a novice or an experienced diver, you should make Caribbean travel plans. Most of the Caribbean islands are very popular with scuba divers because of the colorful reefs and pristine beaches.

Under the sea, there is much to explore. You can look at caves and even shipwrecks as well as the many sea creatures that make the Caribbean their home. Some of the best Caribbean travel islands for scuba diving include the following:


Angulla is one of the more luxurious of the Caribbean islands and is one of the top vacation spots in this region of the world. The reason for this is the beaches. You can choose an all inclusive resort that includes its own villa or stay at a simple hotel. After a day of scuba diving, you can enjoy a night at one of the top notch restaurants on the island.


This island is only 108 square miles but is covered with reefs along the base and is a perfect island for scuba diving. There is even a small forest on the island. Many people who travel to the Caribbean go sailing fro Antigua.


Americans are just now discovering Barbados and all it has to offer, including fantastic diving opportunities. This tiny island is very friendly and offers some first class resorts as well as all inclusive accommodations. Whether you are looking for something grand or something on a budget, you can find it in Barbados.

Cayman Islands

Located just off the coast of Key West in Florida, the Cayman Islands consist of three different islands. You can find apartments to rent, inns and even rent out a condominium in the Cayman Islands, which are very close to Central America. Scuba diving is a lot of fun in this west Caribbean island.


Grenada is another popular destination in the Caribbean for scuba diving because of the many finger coves that surround the island. If you are really into adventure, you may find Grenada well worth visiting. This is not a touristy type island, unlike most of the Caribbean islands, but it is very adventurous and divers will enjoy the scenery, as will anyone else.

Whether you are planning a scuba diving trip or any other type of getaway, take a look at what the Caribbean has to offer by way of amenities, accommodations and all inclusive resorts. There are even special resorts that offer scuba diving lessons for beginners. Discover the world under the sea when you make Caribbean travel plans.

Visit Island Venado – For a True Eco-Holiday Experience

Are you looking to holiday on an exotic tropical island? Then here is a spot for you that are secluded, yet strikingly enchanting. Hidden in the Pacific Ocean is Island Venado, a perfect place for an eco-traveler. Island Venado has everything for a dream vacation. You have diverse wild life, hiking, fishing, trekking, and all types of eco-tourism adventures. Experience an unforgettable holiday on a unique tropical island.

About Costa Rica

Did you know that Costa Rica is ranked 1st among the Americas in terms of 2008 environmental index? This is not the only sterling feature of this amazing South American country. Costa Rica is also among the top Latin American countries in terms of Human Development Index and is destined to become the first carbon neutral country by 2021. Being carbon neutral means achieving net zero carbon emissions, an amazing achievement indeed considering the fact that most other countries in the world are struggling to save their environment. To cap it all Costa Rica ranks first in the Happy Planet Index and is also considered the greenest country on the planet. If this does not push you to visit to Costa Rica Island, what else will?

Getting To Island Venado

To access Island Venado you have to first reach San José, the capital of Costa Rica. Travel conveniently by air to reach Santamaria International Airport just outside of the city of San José in the central valley. Thereafter-

Take a bus from San José to Puntarenas. There is a bus every 30 minutes during most of the day.
From Puntarenas hire a car or take a ferry boat to Playa Naranjo. The boat ride is comfortable and fun. The ferry provides bathrooms, food, call booths, Bar Ballerina and most of all karaoke.
Once you reach Playa Naranjo take a water taxi to Island Venado.

Enjoying Island Venado

Ecological adventure travel to Venado offers you a great deal of fun and excitement. This tropical island is known for its green dry forest reserve, amazing flora and beautiful beaches. You can enjoy here,

Boat tours to Nikoya Gulf in Guanacaste Costa Rica
Excellent beaches in Guanacaste
Ambience of mangroves with evergreen tropical trees near tidal coasts
Superb bird watching experience
Horseback riding
Watching and hearing Howler monkeys known for their throaty howls that can be heard up to three miles. Howler monkeys are the loudest of all New World monkeys and Costa Rica is home to the common mantled howler.

Weather Information

Costa Rica being near the equator has a typical tropical climate. It has distinct wet and dry seasons. On coasts like Puntarenas and Island Venado it is hot all year, whereas on mountains it can be cool at night time all year round.


The best way to enjoy is to stay at a beach cabin. A Beach cabin blends with the ambience of this tropical island and has all the basic comforts you need.

Travel Tips

This place is simply fun. Bring your cameras, sport supplies, binoculars and camping gear. It would also do you well to bring along a smaller day-pack for hikes and trekking. Weather in this tropical island is pleasantly warm all year so light clothing, sandals, tennis shoes and the like will do.

As long as you are adventurous do not miss the opportunity to visit Island Venado. This tropical island has few competitors. Make your next vacation an eco experience to remember.

How Travel Magazines Become Useful

It is normal for people to travel especially during holiday seasons. These are the best times for the family to bond and spend time together for those days they have missed. You must admit that over the weekdays you are too busy to check on the kids, play with them, have a date with your husband or wife, or even pamper yourself with pleasurable activities without having to worry about your deadlines at work or board meetings that you needed to win. Going on vacation is a chance of a lifetime that needs a lot of planning in order to enjoy it to the maximum. After all, everybody needs a break every once in a while.

If you really want to find a lot of fascinating places in the world, including the finest hotels and all sorts of information regarding taking a trip, then one good way is through travel magazines. By reading some reliable travel magazines, you will able to learn in details all about the air flights to and from your dream destination. You will also find all the rates available for the airfare of different flights. This way you will be able to choose the flight that best suits your budget. Aside from the destinations and the airfares, you can also find the list of hotels and restaurants, as well as the hottest tourist spots.

Some of the best travel magazines are Conde Nast Traveler, Islands, Travel & Leisure, The Ecologist and Sherman’s Travel. These travel magazines are the most popular among all travel magazines available in the world today. These were also the most sought travel magazines around the world. Aside from the basic information about the things you need to consider when you are planning to travel, these materials were also useful if you are thinking about the adventures you wanted to do during your travel.

Islands travel magazines, for example, is an award-winning, spectacularly visual magazine for island travelers and dreamers. It focuses on places we all dream about such as the islands of the Caribbean. This is quite very useful for new travelers, especially if you do not have any ideas about the culture and traditions of the places you wanted to visit. Of course, going to a whole new different place is not just simply dropping by. You also need to consider their traditional values, which you need to respect. Who knows, you may be able to adapt their culture and document it on your personal journal.